The City of Legends and Beauty

The Mansions of Ioannina

The city of legends, the city of arts and letters, the city of silversmiths or otherwise the beautiful Ioannina, as many call it.

The special natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage of Greece have enticed travelers through the centuries. Discover the grandeur of Epirus. The picturesque Ioannina maintains a romantic and nostalgic mood throughout the year, which grows even more in autumn, inviting travelers to discover their beauties.

At a distance from busy centers, you can discover the unique hinterland and its inhabitants by arriving either as individuals, with your family or with organized groups. 


The extremely interesting routes that we suggest, aim to reveal to our visitors the History, the cultural heritage and the unbeatable, amazing beauties of the area.

Do not let your time in our city go unused.

Museum of Vrellis

At a distance of only 12 kilometers from the center of Ioannina, is the Museum of wax figures of Pavlos Vrellis. It is a museum space, a work of life and a station for the remarkable Greek artist.

It consists of about 150 exhibits, in life size, that represent great moments from the great Greek History, bringing to the mind of each visitor some of the figures that left their mark on the place of Ioannina. Scenes from the revolution of 1821, from the secret school , the Macedonian struggle and many more, come to life through the wax figures

Perama Cave

At a distance of just 4 km from the center of Ioannina, following the old road to Metsovo, dominates one of the most important caves in the world, the cave of Perama. In the bowels of Goritsa hill is hidden a world of incredible natural beauty, which stems from the unique formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Visitors have the opportunity to tour a distance of 1,100 meters inside the cave at a constant temperature of 17 ºC and enjoy a spectacle that only nature could create.

Ancient theater of Dodoni

The King of Epirus Pyrrhus, wanting to decorate the areas of his kingdom, decided to build in the 3rd century BC. one of the largest and most important ancient Greek theaters, the ancient theater of Dodoni.

This is a theater that is part of the pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Dodoni. It has a capacity of about 18,000 seats and is located 22 kilometers south of the center of Ioannina.

The hollow of the theater, located at the foot of Mount Tomaros and today the theater of Dodoni comes to life again, through performances that take place there during the summer months.


In an area of ​​1,000 the mountainous stone-built villages of Zagori overflow. 46 villages of unique beauty that compete with each other in picturesqueness and tourist infrastructure.

You will see calm or cosmopolitan villages, villages hidden and isolated in green forest areas or villages with wonderful views, rivers and alpine lakes, as well as the national park Vikos - Aoos.

If you do not love sports, in Zagorochoria you will find your paradise, rafting, canoeing / kayaking, hiking, mountaineering, horseback riding, climbing and cycling are just some of the activities waiting for you to enjoy.

Castle of Ioannina

At the southeastern end of the city and on the small rocky peninsula that enters Lake Pamvotida, is built the castle of Ioannina.

It dates from 528 AD. and is the work of Emperor Justinian in his attempt to fortify the Byzantine state which was then the highest administrative center in Greece. The current form of the castle, however, differs from the original, as Ali Pasha in 1815 decided to rebuild the castle almost from scratch.

With a walk inside, you will have the opportunity to see the known as the citadel of Aslan Pasha and the southeastern, known as the citadel of Its Kale and you will admire the Serai of Ali Pasha, where today is housed the Byzantine Museum of the city.

The island of Ioannina

The island of Lake Pamvotida is an island different from the usual, as not only is it the only inhabited lake island in Europe, but in addition, it is the only island in the world without a name!

A small miracle of incredible natural beauty and historical significance. If you try to make the tour of the island, you will see their traditional houses with beautiful manicured gardens, you will walk in its narrow cobbled alleys and you will admire the exhibits of traditional Giannioti folk art.

On the island is also the museum of Ali Pasha, where it ended. Typical detail are the holes in the floor from the bullets that cut the thread of his life.

An excellent route that you could make coming to Ioannina is the visit of the beautiful mountain town of Metsovo with intense color and quality tourist infrastructure (ski center).

At 70 km are Meteora, a "geological wonder" with monasteries of amazing architecture and a fascinating landscape (world heritage site).